KRON4 hosts Alameda South Shore Center’s Fourth Annual #TheLittleIceRink2015

Check out video here:

ALAMEDA (KRON) — There are fewer than 50 days until Christmas, and a holiday treat just opened up for anyone who loves to ice skate.

As the temperatures drop, ice skating rinks are opening around the Bay Area,including in San Francisco’s Union Square.

The Little Ice Rink in Alameda is back. And a special ceremony just wrapped up at around 5:30 p.m. Thursday night.

“Not everyone can afford it,” ice rink sponsor Alyssa Tomfohrde said. ” (It) is an investment, especially for a larger family, so we want to offer that to kids who wouldn’t normally be able to (skate), and to everyone in the community.”

The ice rink opened at the Alameda South Shore Center. And it was hosted by KRON’s Justine Waldman!

KRON is a proud sponsor of the Little Ice Rink.

Justine said she was honored to be there for the grand opening of the holiday tradition. In the above video, Justine explains the new features at the rink this year.