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Remark is a partner agency made up of a passionate team of silo-breakers and wordsmiths who use our media relationships to punch through the clutter. We work alongside brands as part of their in-house marketing team and waste no time developing high-level media strategy, positioning and execution plans.
In today's oversaturated media environment, consumers have learned to tune out obvious corporate messages, instead seeking out conversations about brands with other people. Because we see the consumer as the center of a brand's profit making universe, our job is to get your company in front of these relevant audiences in fresh, engaging ways.
We get disruptive startups and mid-market companies invited to the table in their respective industries through traditional and new media platforms, thought leadership campaigns, speaking engagements and targeted partnerships. Our team enjoys working with interesting, flexible companies looking for a partner to help them tell their stories and grow their respective verticals.
Involved with a nonprofit or a lean social enterprise startup? Contact us at to inquire about our quarterly pro bono PR incubators.

Meet the Team
of remarkable media experts

Katie Wagner Profile Picture

Katie Wagner
Partner & Founder at Remark Media,

Katie works with B2C and B2B companies worldwide, utilizing her 10+ years of strategic communication experience and extensive media relationships to boost user acquisition for brands and establish solid thought leadership positioning for the C-level.

She agrees with Philip Kotler that the best marketing strategy consists of blending traditional and new marketing. A brand’s traditional advertising and commercials - communicating the big picture of a company's marketing position in a controlled manner - should also reference the brand’s web site and top performing social platform. In the same thread, PR and social media, used to deliver targeted messages to different audiences should be consistent with high level brand messaging.

When she’s not partnering with disruptive companies looking to gain market share in their respective industries, Katie enjoys life in San Francisco as a crazy pug lady and wine affectionado. Contact her at and follow her on twitter @kwags

Lindsay Profile Picture

Lindsay Anne H.
Partner at Remark Media

Lindsay is a recognized media relations expert working with 10+ years’ experience working top celebrities, executives, and national media outlets. Lindsay specializes in creating media relations strategies, influencer programs, social media campaigns and partnerships to increase brand visibility, secure media coverage and drive sales.

When she’s not networking at client events, you’d likely find Lindsay cuddling with her two boys and husband, handstanding on the yoga mat, running the streets, or racing down the ski slopes. Contact her at

Vincent Profile Picture

Vincent Blackhawk Aamodt
Director at Blackhawk Content

From initial creative concept workshops to production and distribution, Vincent combines years of creative agency experience with high-end production expertise, creating an audio and visual medium you can be proud to call your own.

Conveying a complex message in a short amount of time, video is a key component to building a brand; it educates and establishes relationships with consumers while also providing the media rich content to add value to their own editorial. In other words if Vincent shoots it, they will watch. Check out his work here:

Katie Wagner Profile Picture

Jennifer Fan
PR Manager

Jenny has over 10 years of experience with customer service, having come from a background of law, sales, and recruiting. Most recently she has been working in the high tech space coordinating projects with engineers, scientists, and designers. She specializes in connecting people who can help each other promote and fine tune their products and services.

In her limited spare time, you can find Jenny chasing after her dog and toddler or hiding out in the nursery reading the latest young adult fiction novel. Contact her at and follow her on instagram @fankov

Katie Wagner Profile Picture

Angela Hathaway
PR Coordinator

Angela is a social media obsessed creative who comes to Remark with a background in the fashion industry, where she designed windows, directed fashion shows, and implemented PR strategies to get clients noticed. She is Remark's resident Influencer Relations expert and enjoys forming strong relationships with advocates, influencers, social media ambassadors, and bloggers to drive top-of-funnel brand awareness.

Angela is a fan of AP Style, Excel spreadsheets, and coffee. She's an avid cyclist, a gin enthusiast, and an old man at heart. Contact her at and follow her on twitter @pinkhandgrenade

Remarkable Testimonials

Jen Carlson Headshot
“Katie’s creativity, diligence and industry knowledge has been instrumental in building the Baby Gourmet brand across North America and my spokesperson role within the industry. She is a key attribute to my team and a trusted friend and ally. ”
Go Gourmet Logo

Jen Carlson
Founder of Baby Gourmet Foods Inc.

Kathryn Allen Headshot
“Working with Remark was not only a pleasure, but it made my job easier because the team operated as an extension of our marketing team. In the months that we worked together, Remark was able to get us articles in Entrepreneur, FoxBusiness, Forbes and Huffington Post, among many other media outlets; by developing innovative media angles and using their strong relationships with national and regional media. If Remark can generate media interest around home care, they can generate interest around anything!”
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Kathryn Allen
Director of Franchise Marketing, Home Care Assistance

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Market strategy & Content development

Our teams develops and aligns our short and long targeted messages with our clients’ big picture messaging and we supplement active marketing campaigns. Some startups need help developing their product messaging and determining where they ‘sit’ in the market. Remark will pull together differentiators and market pain points to identify the best message. An extensive competitor analysis is also an extremely useful tool to have when determining market positioning.

C-level Thought Leadership

There are multiple effective ways to establish solid thought leadership. Along with securing consistent speaking and panel engagements, a thought leader should produce content both on a company blog and as a guest blogger on media sites.

These bylines shouldn’t read like advertorial but rather as a unique industry perspective or a trend predictor. Remark can guide these bylines or guest columns to be interesting to competitors and industry affiliates and secure a spot in targeted outlets. Our team will also advise on how to engage influencers across social platforms that are a fit for your industry.

Ongoing media &
influencer relations campaigns

First we identify key brand messages and target audiences to develop those audiences, influencer and platforms which are most relevant. Next, our team reaches out across mediums - online, broadcast, print, radio and social platforms to engage writers, editors, producers, contributors and influencers.

Social Media & Editorial Calendar

After identifying the platforms to best engage followers and fans, Remark will put together a calendar of events and company news to share across these mediums. The goal is to use interesting, pertinent content and stimulate conversations to increase engagement of current fan bases and acquire new followers.

Crisis Communications

Most companies want to have a crisis communications plan in place as quick response times are expected in the digital age. Remark has experience effectively handling a variety of crises from product quality issues to criminal reports.

Speaking & Panel Engagements

Our team will research, vet and compile a calendar of industry events worldwide. Aside from submitting C-level team members for speaking engagements and panel participation, we have experience helping leaders build successful speaking businesses from scratch.

Tradeshow/conference support

Remark will set up press briefings and staff tradeshows and conferences upon request.

Video Production & Photography

Please visit for examples.

Special events

Remark will produce events upon request. Please email for an estimate.

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